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Vol. 45 No. 16 Spring-Summer 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13980806193134 Explanation of Smart City and Urban Smart Transportation Solutions
khosro pourjavan
2 13980806193136 A Comprehensive and Practical Model to Implement Risk Management in Construction Projects based on PMBOK Standard
Shiva Mansoorzadeh
Mohammadhussein Nezami Pakdeh
3 13980806193137 Performance Pathology of Historic Adobe Structures and Their Methods of Retrofitting
ebrahim khalilzadehvahidi
parasto khalil zadeh vahidi
Reza Moradi
4 13980806193138 Comparison of Proposed Reflection Coefficient of 2800 Iranian earthquake code with Real Reflection from Different area of Gorgan City in Interaction with Seismic Response of Steel Structures
Payam Shafiee Foujerdi
5 13980806193139 (Explanation of security in urban neighborhoods based on physical indicators and environmental design (Case Study: Ilam city
mansour mansouri
6 13980806193140 Determining the right contractor for construction projects using the Analysis Hierarchical Process (AHP)
mohammadreza dadashi
firooz mohammadi
7 13980806193141 Numerical analysis of the effects of clay blanket and cut-off wall on reducing seepage from earth dam foundation
mohammadjavad shabani
Farzad Farokhzad
Farshad Shojaei
8 13980806193142 Comparison of the Effect of Novel Additives on the Technical Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete with Topeka grading
ramin bayat
mohammadreza habibi
hasan taherkhani
9 13980806193143 Assessment of the idea of using various types of plastic waste in concrete production: engineering properties
Saman Rahat Dahmardeh
Mohammad Hassan Mirabi Moghaddam
10 13980806193145 The Principle of the coincidence of opposites in mysticism, Iranian art and architecture
vida taghvaei
sahar borhanifar
11 13980806193146 The effect of lignocellulosic material and resin content on physical and mechanical properties of particleboard
Mohammad Ghofrani
Anooshe fazeli
12 13980806193147 Assessment of the Potential of Using New Media Art Technology in Higher Education as an Instrument of Effective Media-Based Teaching through the Framework used in the SECTIONS Model
mohammadreza heidari
zahra bakhtiari

Vol. 44 No. 15 Autumn-Winter 2019

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13980628192276 T-history: A simple and cost effective method for determining thermal properties of phase change materials (PCMs)
Mohammad Mehdi Afsahi
Taiebeh Cheraghi Sepahvand
2 13980628192277 Investigation of Zoloft Drug Delivery between Solid and Liquid Phase and In vivo Study of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with Laboratory Technics
issa mousazadeh moghaddam
3 13980628192278 Ultrasound –assisted Green Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles with Various Morphologies
naghmeh faal hamedani
Rasoul Shemshadi
4 13980628192279 Two photon supercoherent states and their entanglement
Amin Motamedinasab
Davood Afshar
5 13980628192280 Dependence of LaNiOCO Nanocomposite Dielectric Constant with Annealing Temperature
amir hayati
sahar khodadad
6 13980628192281 Waste Cooking Oil Conversion to the Biofuel
Sara Farahmand
Azadeh Habibi
Masomeh Mohammadi
7 13980628192282 Challenge Methods with Manganese Effects in Copper Electrowinning
elyas karimi
Mahmood Eskandari Nasab
8 13980630192351 Grafting of Silk by Methacrylamid and Compare It with Tin (II) Chloride for Silk Fibers Weighting
arash tahvili
azad nori
abbas heydari pashaki
9 13980630192353 Phosphors Materials (Persistent) and Their Role on the Novel Technology
hajieh bastami
Simin Janitabar-Darzi
10 13980630192355 Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Evaluation of the Effect of Concentration on Magnetic Hyperthermia
Ahmad Reza Yasemian

Vol. 43 No. 15 Spring-Summer 2018

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13980610191874 The role of Technical and Vocational University in the development of skill training and job creation
Hamed Fazelikebria
Mahnaz Noormohammadi
Golnaz Noormohammadi
2 13980610191877 Identify and sort the risk factors for knowledge-based companies by combining multiple criteria decision making techniques (Case study: knowledge-based companies in the Science and Technology Park Tabriz)
mahdi yousefi
sammin sattari
zohreh khalilpour
3 13980612191914 Employment obstacles and strategies in rural small businesses of Hamedan province
Masoud Samian
Reza Movahedi
4 13980615191959 A quality analysis of key qualifications training in Sanandaj Technical and Vocational Schools
nematollah azizi
naser shirbagi
samira karimi
5 13980615191961 A quantitative assessment of the effect of human resources strategies on the overall organizational strategy (Case study: Saipa factory)
alireza irajpour
hamid yazdanian
Tavakkol Moharrami
6 13980615191962 Effect critical thinking instruction on the depression control and anxiety control of child training students of female Technical and Vocational College in the city of Borujerd.
mahdi bagheri
rezaali noroozi
mohammadreza sarmaadi
7 13980615191963 Investigating and prioritizing the factors affecting the defeat of greenhouse business in Zarabad branch of Konarak region
aboobakr raisi
mohim sheihakitash
hamed kored
abdulaziz valinafs
8 13980615191964 Job assessment of the graduated persons of technical and the profession university faculties of Khuzestan in the 2016-2017 educational years
mohsen moradi

Vol. 42 No. 14 Autumn-Winter 2018
Vol. 41 No. 14 Spring-Summer 2017

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13971010166586 Risk management in Islamic financial instruments
mostafa ghanad
mahmood lari Dasht
2 13971030167022 The role of emotional intelligence skills in the workplace
Ebrahim Rahimi
Najibeh Abbasi Rostami
3 13971030167023 A model for the establishment of meta-synthesis technique based entrepreneurial university and TOPSIS
Nourmohammad Yaghoubi
Masoud Dehghani
Malihe Omidvar
4 13971030167024 Reviewing the process and utilizing entrepreneurial opportunities
Ali Abdi Jamayran
Azarchehr Sehat
Elaheh Hossein
5 13971102167061 The relationship between competitive intelligence and organizational entrepreneurship in Technical and Vocational University (Case study: Al-Zahra Technical & Vocational College)
Tayebeh Jalali
taraneh enayati
6 13971102167062 The implementation of the students' skill training and internship in a new way
Elyas Haddadi
Gholamreza Kyani
Hoda Jafarizadeh

Vol. 39 No. 13 Spring-Summer 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13960313124606327 The evolution of technician training (technical and vocational) in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Abbas Sadri
Shahnaz Jabal Ameli
2 13960313138106328 The role of the development of rural communities in entrepreneurship
Mohammad Shojaaddini
mehrnaz Baniamam
Masoud Shafiee
3 139603131335126329 Effect of type on rooting cuttings type of Magnolia Soulangeana
Hossein Zarei
Mehdi Alizadeh
Zahra Golshadi Ghalehshahi
4 139603131344366331 The study of buyers' behavior about postharvest physiology and cut flowers maintenance
Atoosa Danyaei
Mehrdad Babarabie
5 13960316838366378 Precision agriculture and its application in plant diseases control
Farzaneh Lak
Peyman Kermani
6 13960316943106380 LEDs: a change in greenhouse lighting systems
Abolfazl Lotfi
Seyed Mahdi Seyedi
7 13960316102766381 Investigation of post-harvest loses of tomato produced in Mashhad for local market
Hamed Kaveh
Hossein Nemati
Safieh Vatandoost
Tayebeh Jalali
8 139603161035286382 Evaluation vase life of cut flower white rose in effect of flower with using natural and chemicals dyes
Mehrdad Babarabie
Hossein Zarei
Zahra Khisheh

Vol. 38 No. 13 Autumn-Winter 2016

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 139511051258104729 Formal technical and vocational training programs in the mirror of research
2 13951105134404730 E-learning of engineering software is a step in producing improving, by SWOT matrix
3 13951105133114734 Technical and Vocational University, entrepreneurship university
4 139511051340134735 CIPP evaluation model and its application in Technical and Vocational education
Asiyeh.S Modarresi
5 13951105142564737 Understanding the organizational culture based on the Denison model
Ali Shafei
6 139511051412204739 Study the influence of knowledge workers on the strategy of knowledge transfer
maryam bahmani

Vol. 34 No. 11 Autumn-Winter 2014

  کد مقاله عنوان مقاله تاریخ ارسال نویسندگان فایل های مقاله
1 13950124141571951 Students’ misconceptions in applying of variable
2 139501241445501953 Challenges in teaching and learning algebraic inequalities
3 13950124164301961 Is our math books have appeared appropriate and desirable?
4 13950124165161962 Computerized Adaptive Tests: An Effective Approach in Educational Measurement
5 13950124173391963 Accounting Ethics
6 139501241945341964 The effect of strength eccentric exercise on marker of muscular damage of creatine kinase in athletes and non-athletes boys

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