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The concept of smart city implies the structure, system, and identity of the populations that make telecommunications technology come to life. In these biological complexes, actual and actual communication and activities become predominantly virtual. As a result, forms and spaces also find new geometric, conceptual, and conceptual formats. Urban planners and designers are seeking to solve urban problems and phenomena by designing smart residential neighborhoods, networking smart roads and public places. One of the pillars of the problem reduction in smart cities is to solve the problems of urban public transport. One of the most important issues in developed and smart cities is the relationship between smart city and how to utilize modern systems along this route, which reduces the problems of urban transport and the problems facing it. Therefore, it is necessary to know the context and the necessities and advantages of these systems. In this regard, after introducing the main goals of smart city, we analyze the advanced systems in the transportation system. Transportation in smart cities is one of the most important things that can lead to modeling the structure of smart cities. Therefore, the present study is an attempt to present suitable transportation system solutions in smart city after reviewing urban transportation systems. Documentary and library studies including the study of books and related articles have been used to collect information in this study. Due to the nature of the subject, descriptive-explanatory research method has been used and finally a necessary conclusion and conclusion have been presented.
khosro pourjavan
Keywords : Smart City, ، Electronic City, ، Principles of Intelligent, ، Intelligent Transportation, ، ITS
Delay and cost over and the main obstacle in nearly every large project. It is understood that even in some cases it can affect project life and stocks value; reducing profit of contractor and employer. The most construction company lack an appropriate process for risk management. For some the deprivation of necessary working culture withheld them from proper implementation of risk management. Therefore, the present study identifies the risk through literature review and case studies and then calculates the risks according to the results of a questionnaire that sent to experts and project managers through fuzzy RPN and FMEA methods. Finally, risk factors that are not within the standard range are analyzed through FTA and ETA methods and their probability of reduction is estimated. The relevant model is applied to a large construction project and its results are described in this article.
Shiva Mansoorzadeh - Mohammadhussein Nezami Pakdeh
Keywords : Risk Management ، , PMBOK Standard, ، Constriction Projects
Iran is a land of seven thousand years old civilization, one of the oldest civilizations of the ancient world, because of its rich cultural and artistic history, there are many monuments, most of which are in high seismic danger areas. Bam Citadel was built in the 5th century BC and covers an area of 180,000 square meters was located on the Silk Road, one of the world's largest adobe structures. The superstructure and valuable damaged during the earthquake and unfortunately it was destroyed more than 80 percent. In other words, one of the lessons that can be learned from the Bam earthquake is that the historic adobe structures are extremely vulnerable. Therefore, due to its rich history and rich artistic heritage including architecture, masonry and pottery, the need to preserve remains of the past is felt more and more. In this article, after highlighting the importance and necessity of preserving historic adobe structures, their architectural features are discussed. The next step will be discussed the seismic performance of historic adobe structures and methods of the seismic retrofit and restoration of them investigated. Finally, studies on the retrofitting and restoration of adobe structures will be reviewed.
ebrahim khalilzadehvahidi - parasto khalil zadeh vahidi - Reza Moradi
Keywords : historic structures, ، earthquake, ، seismic performance, ، retrofitting and restoration, ، Iranian architecture
The present study is intended to illustrate the role of reflection coefficient (B) in the linear static method, (B) is a conversion function whose input is accelerated rock bed motion and its output is accelerated earth motion. to understand properly how seismic methods work and to properly evaluate information based on physical principles governing wave propagation characteristics, which can include the generation, transmission, absorption, and irregularities of waves in terrestrial rocks as well as reflection, fracture and The main axis of the waves are out. the purpose of this study was to investigate the soil material in earthquake forces applied to the structure and the importance of reflection coefficient in the control of the structure. in this research, steel structure with one-way bending frame system with reflection coefficient in accordance with standard 2800 - Fourth Edition and again with real reflection coefficient of Gorgan city was analyzed and plotted. the results showed that the average displacement of its classes decreased by 53.3% on average, and its drift decreased by 25.3%.
Payam Shafiee Foujerdi
Keywords : Reflection coefficient, ، Ordinary bending frame, ، drift, ، bedrock
Today, the explanation of the motive for criminal acts in the mind of the perpetrator is the range and conditions that lead to the perpetrators and the opportunity to create the crime and thereby facilitate the commission of the crime. Therefore, attention to the role of the environment and heart of the city is important in reducing and preventing urban crime. The main objective of the research is to measure urban spatial texture in order to identify insecure environments in the neighborhoods based on the analytical model. The present research is an applied and descriptive-analytical method. The method of data collection in the field of field studies is survey method. The data collection tool is a questionnaire, checklist, and objective observation. The results of the research show that factors such as the environment, lack of access to urban services, tissue erosion and lack of diversification of the environment are the most important factors in reducing the security environment in the neighborhoods of Ilam.
mansour mansouri
Keywords : urban security, ، Ilam, ، crime prevention, ، environmental periphery, ، neighborhood, ، CPTED

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